Vacuum Disks
Vacuum Disks
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Vacuum Disks

You Just Melt Me
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These  vacuum cleaner disks are the perfect way to freshen up your home every time you put the vacuum on. 

🌟Perfect for homes with pets , when no matter what you do it’s hard to remove the whiff 

🌟Got guests coming over ? Grab the vacuum and get an instant fresh aroma through the whole house 

🌟Just love your fave scent so much you want to experience it every time You get your clean on ?

Each pack includes two discs 

How to use 

🌟Use gloves , an old pair of tweezers or the packet to remove one or two discs ( they are highly scented with fragrance oil so do not touch with bare skin , wash hands after use as to be careful ) 

🌟Place one , or two discs for a supersonic scent , under your Hoover filter , into the cylinder or bag . 

🌟Every vacuum cleaner is different, but the filter will be located wherever the air blows out from , if unsure check your manual or check online  to help distinguish where it is

The length of scent will be dependent on how much you use your vacuum cleaner , but as a guide , if using every day , one disc should give between 2-4 weeks of scent

Avoid contact with leather , plastic , tiled , painted and other hard surfaces

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Do not ingest  . 

The scent range will be expanding but if you have one you’d like that’s not offered , feel free to message .