Wax Melt Information

What is a wax melt ? 
Our Wax melts  are small, scented pieces of  Coconut  and Rapeseed wax(as of 20/7/21-some older scents made will be soy) sauce , designed to be gently heated to release their beautiful  aroma . They require a wax warmer to melt and diffuse the fragrance.

The wax will not evaporate but the scent will slowly reduce ;you can keep relighting your wax melt until the fragrance has gone, then simply remove and start again with a new melt . 

To start 

-Break off a segment of wax and place in the well (top) of your wax warmer

-Light the tea-light and place in the bottom of the warmer ( be careful not to add too much wax as an overfilled warmer can be dangerous) 

Removal when warm:

Blow the tea light out, wait a few minutes, then you can use cotton wool balls to soak up, the wax ( be careful not to burn your fingers) 

Removal when cold( hard) 

Heat up for 30 seconds -1 minute, the wax should then slide out of the well of the burner

(have some kitchen towel handy and be careful not to burn your fingers) 

Wipe any residue

Tea-light Warmers 

Only use 4 hour unscented  tea lights

Ensure there is space above and around your warmer, and it's on an even surface

Some taller burners may reduce  the scent intensity of soy wax melts due to the temperature in which they may heat the wax

Keep an eye for any cracks in your warmer, if you see one it's time to throw  it away

Electric warmers

Are a great choice ; however,  it’s good  to note, that they vary in heat, this  can affect the scent intensity of your melt

Any electric warmer purchased from You Just Melt Me will include a free 40w replaceable bulb, electric warmers are compatible with 25w/30w and 40w bulbs. 


Keep melts and warmers away from children pets and drafts

Keep warmers on an even surface, with open space around the sides and top

Consult  with your vet if melting around small animals( hamsters, mice, rabbits ect)  

It is advised not to melt in the same vicinity as  birds/parrots

All allergen information will be available to read before purchasing your melts, they will be included in the picture gallery of each melt on the website


Stopped smelling your melts ?
You may have become "noseblind" ...It's a real thing! 
Your nose receptors have a way of detecting threat, if no threat has been detected, your nose receptors will shut down-useful in life, annoying when it comes to melts! 

The best way to test this, is to leave the room for some time, and then re-enter, or ask a family member in another room if they can smell it

All fragrances are made differently , some are naturally stronger than others

Having larger rooms, windows open or an incorrect sized warmer can all effect the scent intensity 

For bigger rooms, you could always have multiple warmers on at one time ..not necessary .. but an option 

If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact us